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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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ruling leads to civil unrest. >> charlie always tells the truth no matter what. >> notorious cult leader charles manson is getting married. the 26-year-old bride is from kings county where manson is locked up. she has been visiting him behind bars twice a week. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with some developing news out of israel at this hour. four jewish worshippers are dead after a violent attack on a synagogue in jerusalem. police there say two palestinians used axes, knives and guns in today's rampage. officers eventually shot and killed the suspect. the israeli prime minister is vowing harsh retaliation and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is strongly condemning the attack. >> i call on the palestinian leadership at every, single level to condemn this in the
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most powerful terms. this violence has no place anywhere. palestinian president mahmoud abbas condemned the attack and called for an end to israel's provocation surrendering a contested holy site. cab drivers are raising a ruckus over what they say is unfair competition from rideshare services like uber and lyft. ryan takeo is live at sfo where protests caused chaos last night. >> reporter: michelle, we have seen protests from the cab drivers before but never quite like this. last night they blocked lanes. they also refused to pick anyone up for two hours. we'll show you some video now of how it went down last night from 9:00 to 11:00 here at sfo. they are protesting ridesharing services like lyft and uber. there were long lines and backups heading in and out of sfo last night from 9 to 11.
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the taxi drivers complain the city of san francisco heavily regulates them but not rideshare companies. taxis have complete insurance, rideshare don't. taxi drivers have protested for years but never like this. one driver tells us why it was necessary. >> this is our business. you know? we don't make no more money. we put too many hours for no money. >> reporter: that driver specifically says his pay has been cut by about a third in the past year. live at sfo, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> cab drivers are also upset about a $4 fee automatically added on to rides to and from the san francisco airport. rideshare drivers don't have to pay that. 5:02. we have the gang all here and we have a little weather and we have a little bit of rain coming our way. >> yeah. i'm not upset about anything. i'm pretty excited about this.
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i know a lot of folks start to get a little bit, um, worried about the rain coming in as we are going to see showers and showers and showers probably over the next four to five days. how about that! so we are we go. we have some rain off the coast now, clouds coming our way. it will stay dry for the better part of today but tonight, that will likely change. the clouds will be on the increase, the temperatures are going to stay mild. still some 60s and some low 70s. out the door right now, partly cloudy skies. not as cold as yesterday and that's because of the cloud cover. 45 degrees in livermore 54 in san francisco. still a chilly 38 in santa rosa. looking toward the afternoon, we're still seeing some 70s in a good part of the south bay about 68 in santa rosa but liz, a whole lot of rain is coming our way. >> for tomorrow morning's commute, right? >> yeah. >> right now the roads are quiet. we are just beginning to see some congestion in the usual spots highway 4 in antioch between "a" street or 160 and "a" street westbound. a few brake lights there.
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we'll take you down a little farther south. the roadwork is still continuing. it was scheduled to wrap up by five northbound and southbound 880 between union city and fremont. alvarado niles and fremont boulevard. but we are still see a few slowdowns in the northbound lanes. so obviously something is still out there. they should be wrapping things up shortly. dublin interchange commute everything is great but that hit-and-run accident approaching vasco, may still be blocking one lane and obviously things are slow behind it it. a man accused of running down an east bay teenager will be arraigned this afternoon. 34 sonny anderson is charged with murder. alameda county authorities say he is the hit-and-run driver who killed 14-year-old ivan cruz near san leandro last tuesday. anderson has a violent criminal record including an attack on
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animals at a petting zoo when he was only 18. >> that the four signs of somebody with a sick mind is when they do something to an animal early in life some of the. >> cruz is riding a scooter in a crosswalk on 14th street when he was struck. moments later deputies tried to stop the car but the driver sped off. the san jose city council gets a report today on the city's shortage of police officers. kpix 5's keit do is in san jose with a preview of what the council will learn. >> reporter: this report is different from all the chatter that went on before the election. that is because this report is signed by the police chief himself prepared by city staff so in theory, it is free from any spin or rhetoric. it paints a bleak picture for the san jose police department. according to an advanced copy of the report obtained by the "mercury news," right now, the department has about 1,010
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officers to drop to 949 in upcoming years. that would be the lowest number of officers in 30 years. the report is based on the assumption that the department will continue to lose about 3 to 4 officers a month to retirement or other departments. the report says they can't fill the academies fast enough with new blood to cover the losses and when they do the police chief says they are drawing from a lower qualified candidate pool. this is blamed on ongoing legal battles over pension reform, disability reform and low pay. the city council reinstated pay rates and mayor liccardo plans to do more. >> accelerating hiring, get more officers on the street and continue to use more innovative approaches to make san jose safer. >> reporter: and this report says that they have had trouble recruiting even though the city of san jose has set aside $10 million in reserves to hire
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more cops. michelle? >> kiet, all this must mean the remaining officers are working a lot of overtime, right? >> reporter: yes. these officers are exhausted. a lot of them working five or six days a week. they typically have a four-day workweek. they work 10 hours a day four days a week. a lot of officers have been pulled from the investigative units so these are detectives that are now back on patrol which means that they are not investigating other crimes. so much overtime that in the last fiscal year they spent $25 million alone on overtime. live at san jose police headquarters, kiet do, kpix 5. keystone xl pipeline proposal could come down to a single vote in the senate today. 59 senators have voiced support for it. 60 votes are needed. the vote could also affect the balance of the senate. its a senator democrat mary landrieu from oil-rich louisiana. she trails her republican challenger in the polls in next month's runoff election. >> both parties for different political reasons in the senate
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of the united states was blocking a vote on keystone. but when the elections were over, the politics cleared up. >> the proposed crude oil pipeline would run nearly 1200 miles from the canadian tar sands down to the gulf coast refineries. a bay area-based national guard unit will be deployed to west africa to help efforts to curb the ebola outbreak. the san francisco unit is among 6 national guard battalions activated to provide support in the region. they won't treat patients but will provide training on ebola and malaria prevention. >> we all wanted to be used for a function and so it didn't matter whether our function was to be provisional rifle company or to go out there and do humanitarian work. >> the unit will ship out this coming spring. upon their return, the soldiers will be monitored closely for ebola symptoms for 21 days. >> 5:08. the governor of missouri calling in the national guard to ferguson even before a grand
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jury decides whether to indict a police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed team. as andrew spencer tells us, many ferguson residents are unhappy with the move. reporter: primarily peaceful protests have in the past turned confrontational. police have been accused of provoking the crowd and many people are displeased by the governor's declaration of a state of emergency in ferguson. >> i would go as far as to say the entire region is gripped by fear from the announcement of the national guard, police, grenades, helmets, shields, it's like they're preparing for war instead of peace. >> reporter: it's not clear yet when a grand jury will hand down a decision on whether to indict officer darren wilson in the fatal shooting of michael brown. it's not clear how people will react. >> people have formed opinions about it. you know, those who want to believe that officer wilson should be indicted, i don't think any decision by this grand jury is going to change their decisions about that. >> reporter: governor jay nixon says he is bringing in the national guard as a precaution
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in case the announcement sparks violence like what has occasionally been seen in the aftermath of brown's death. >> this would be from our standpoint a secondary role. we would not have the guard on the front lines interacting with dealing with confronting protestors. >> reporter: meanwhile, the role of the ferguson police department has been diminished. instead, the st. louis police department will take the lead. i'm andrew spencer reporting. time now 5:10. tense moments in a chicago neighborhood of a small plane crashes into a home there. the close call for the family inside that house. >> reporter: oh, yes. that time. year again. good morning, everyone. roberta gonzales at the holiday ice rink at the embarcadero, we'll tell you how you can join in all the fun coming up this friday. >> a series of storms lining up off the coastline. when will they move onshore? we'll talk about it next. >> the stall at the bay bridge
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is cleared. things looking good heading into san francisco. we'll update you on another crash in livermore, it's all after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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right now... rescuers in ch welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning." we have some partly cloudy skies, so far no rain just yet. but that will likely soon change. we will tell you when coming up in just a few minutes. right now, rescuers in
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chicago are searching for the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a house this morning. the single-engine cargo plane hit the house at about 2:45 a.m. local time on the southwest side of the city. the people inside the house were not injured. but the pilot is missing. he had reported engine trouble right after taking off from midway airport. drivers filling up in the city of berkeley in san francisco may soon see warning stickers on gas pumps about global warming. the stickers may look a lot like this and would be the first of their kind in the country. they cite the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on public health on the environment. the berkeley city council will take up the issue tonight and san francisco is drafting a similar ordinance. san francisco has a new mayor today. she is a chihauhau named frieda. she is cute, visiting san francisco landmarks and stopping at city hall. the friends of animal air and control declared frieda mayor for the day after her owner had
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the winning bid in september. it says, frida could make some dog-friendly legislative moves like mandatory belly rubs and declaring today extra pet treats day. >> a dapper chihauhau. love the sweater! traffic time, liz. >> ed lee's out there was! all right. let's see. let's go out to livermore. i had mentioned that earlier accident. that's out there was, as well. it looks like all lanes are back open approaching vasco. unfortunately, we're still seeing slow behind -- slow traffic behind it. you can see the delays beginning in tracy the usual spot around mountain house and continue to just about the vasco exit where that earlier accident is now cleared. we are going to zoom into the area. the drive time is still in the clear category about 15 minutes from the wind turbines out to
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680 and the dublin interchange. milpitas near 880/237, we just got off the phone with caltrans and if you are continuing northbound on to 880 between fremont and union city, the roadwork is actually still there causing a few delays approaching alvarado niles between fremont boulevard and alvarado niles. it's actually scheduled until 6:00 so you can see right there is our camera zooming past some of the slow sensors southbound roadwork is clear though. and if you are traveling farther north on the nimitz freeway, 880 in oakland near the coliseum, everything looks great. this is the oakland coliseum area there to your ride -- taillights still moving fine all the way up to your downtown oakland exits. bay bridge, that earlier stall past treasure island cleared, as well. so now everything is great in the cash and the fastrak lanes approaching the toll plaza. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. lawrence is very excited for this week's forecast. he will tell you why. >> it's that obvious? >> it's that obvious! i really am. this is probably the best looking seven-day forecast i have seen in quite a while. so yeah, out the door right now, we have some clouds moving
5:17 am
across our skies. look at that nice swirl, that area of low pressure off the coast as that storm system winding up gets ready to move onshore but i think the better part of the day looking dry. in fact, some mild temperatures. we are going to see some southerly winds that will likely warm up the temperatures especially into the south bay but it looks like a wet weather pattern is setting itself up tomorrow through the weekend. looks like we could see some rain as early as tonight as this system is going to start to move onshore bringing the showers later on in the latter part of the evening, then overnight into early tomorrow morning could be a wet commute. temperatures around the state 60s and 70s for today and staying dry. about 72 degrees partly cloudy into monterey bay. computer models showing you just those clouds kind of thickening up in the latter half of the day but staying dry through 8:00 in the evening so your commute home looks good. later tonight looks like the showers moving in tomorrow morning showers and downpours on and off tomorrow winding
5:18 am
down late tomorrow afternoon and there's another storm system, just get a hint of it well up to the north there, that will be moving in late thursday. so how about some rain totals? i think the mountaintops you could see upwards to an inch, lesser down below but still maybe just over .25" into san francisco so nice soaker coming in our direction. not today, it will stay dry. 60s and 70s, unsettled weather pattern rain just about every day in the forecast. i think a chance of showers continuing on friday but that will be mainly to the north then more rain expected on saturday across the bay area. we'll finally dry things out on sunday and monday. to get your weather on the go, you can download our latest app for the iphone and android. get your latest forecast, your latest doppler radar, your hour-by-hour forecast and, of course, that is all downloadable at the app store, just search "kpix" and you will get a nice look there. but nonetheless, guys, hey, next five to seven days, that's about as cool a seven-day forecast as i have done in quite a while.
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>> pretty cool. >> not the biggest storms we have ever seen but each day just about we could see some rain. >> that is pretty good and we are eyeing friday. we're eyeing friday. holiday lights are going up. >> we'll be busy. >> very busy. >> the weather is getting a little colder and the holiday lights as we mentioned they are going up. and guess who is hanging out at the rink? >> let me guess. roberta gonzales! hi, roberta. >> reporter: hi there, as you were mentioning, you're going to be here on friday. and check this out. alice radio, kcbs, 99.7, and then let's go over here, come with me now, here we go, over here, channel 5, and the cw, all very proud sponsors of the holiday ice rink at the embarcadero. danny director of engineering with boston properties, how long have we been doing this together? >> for a lot of years, roberta. >> reporter: we have to stop meeting like this only once a year. >> same time next year i think is the name of a movie. >> reporter: great movie one of my favorites and this is one of
5:20 am
my favorite activities in the bay area, kicking off the holiday season in the bay area. >> it's going to be a great time this friday we are going to have the building lighting and the carnival also the ice rink opening. and we'll have disney on ice here, let's celebrate. and so you come down between 4 and 6, you go through the embarcadero, enjoy all the activities in the winter carnival, mickey mouse, santa claus, all the carollers and come down here from 6 to 7 and we'll have the lighting ceremony and the disney on ice folks, then the lighting of the buildings and then a great fireworks show right afterwards. >> reporter: it's spectacular even if it rains. the fireworks display has gone on year after year. this year no rain in the forecast. frank and michelle have the honor of helping with the countdown . >> reporter: that's great. frank and michelle, i think they came down last year as well. they're fabulous. they bring a celebrity to our event and they bring i think a lot of extra folks to come see us so they do a great job for us. >> reporter: they will be
5:21 am
counting down the 17,000 l.e.d.s promising to be even more crisp than ever before. you want more information how you can join this party, visit us online at, click on "links and numbers." with danny, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> it's so much fun. so join us down there on friday. 5:21 right now. uber is giving its riders more control over music they listen to. details on how you can customize the sound track to your next ride. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can you guess the player who just signed the biggest contract ever? and wake up the family this morning. they are about to see the biggest upset of the year in college hoops. it happened right here in the bay area. coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. llege ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, when andre iguodala graduated, many thought stanford's national title hopes went with her. stanford had a chance to topple top-ranked uconn in palo alto. watching a good one just over two minutes to play huskies
5:25 am
leading by four. chong with the layup. uconn now leading 71-65 but the final seconds stanford down by 3. bonnie samuelsson, the game is going to overtime. in overtime uconn up 84-83. how about one more time the go- ahead jumper and stanford shocks the world, 88-86, four years ago they ended u-conn's 90-game win streak. last night they end a 47-game husky win streak. long live the dragon slayers. baseball news. giants free agent third baseman pablo sandoval is not in the old north church. that's the boston airport and he is there to meet with red sox official. boston and the giants thought to be the front-runners on signing pablo sandoval. he is not going to get paid -- well, he is going to get paid. but not like this guy. miami signs giancarlo stanton 13 years, $325 million
5:26 am
contract. it's monopoly money, folks! it's the largest contract ever paid for a north american athlete. 24-year-old finished second in the national league mvp voting. now, if you are scoring at home and doing the math, let me save you time. that's $38,000 per at bat. giancarlo stanton. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. >> thank you, dennis. play of the day, college basketball. we got gonzaga and smu. it's about this shot. it's a gonzaga fan and if he makes it, look at that, off the back of the backboard and right down through the net. that's good for $500. and you know what? he is going to need it. tuition at gonzaga is about $50,000 a year but a great shot. [ laughter ] >> play of the day right there. cab drivers stage a huge protest here at sfo unlike any we have ever seen before. it affected travelers.
5:27 am
we'll tell you about it coming up. ,,,,,,,, tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand,
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upset. plus-- at least a big taxi protest causing a late-night gridlock at sfo. details on what has drivers upset. >> plus, at least four people are dead after a terror attack on a jerusalem synagogue. what's being said about the attack. >> a series of storms in our direction clouds moving in. when can we expect rain? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it looks like that 880 roadwork we have been talking about overnight in fremont is finally in the clearing stages. a few delays. we'll give you travel times for that stretch coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, november 18. i'm michelle griego.
5:31 am
>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. taxi drivers at sfo say ridesharing services are unfairly taking their customers and tensions are reaching the boiling point. ryan takeo joins us live at sfo where protests caused a lot of problems last night for travelers. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. huge headaches for travelers. we're talking about two hours where cab drivers were blocking lanes, they were refusing to pick anyone up. one guy talked to the "chronicle," he used his horn so much it wasn't working anymore because they were really going at it last night protesting unlike we have seen before. it affected travelers. travelers were protesting ridesharing services. there were long lines and backups heading in and out of sfo last night from 9 to 11. taxi drivers complained the city of san francisco heavily regulates them and not these tech rideshare companies. signs on many of the taxis read, this vehicle has full-
5:32 am
time insurance, tnc uber and lift companies do not. taxi drivers have been protesting for years but this is a pretty unique protest. one driver says why it was necessary. he says his pay has been cut by a third! >> they are our enemy, you know? they take our business. they working, you know, without commercial insurance. they pick up with cheap prices. >> reporter: prices taxis cannot compete with. for example, taxi drivers complain about a $4 fee automatically tacked on to rides to and from sfo. rideshare companies don't have to pay that. live at sfo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. a new state law requires tnc drivers to bump up their insurance but that won't be offered until next summer and it will likely be much less than a million-dollar policy cabs must have. well, a wee bit of fall in the air.
5:33 am
upper 30s, low 40s this morning. and you have big changes brewing. >> yeah. probably the nicest seven-day forecast coming up in the next -- >> the nicest? >> that i can remember. liking to see the rain make a return. not just yet though. we have some partly cloudy skies out the door. it remains dry. but you see that nice swirl of clouds. that's the first storm that will likely make a return to the bay area bring with it a chance of rain but not until later tonight. the better part of the day we'll see some increasing clouds especially in the latter half of the afternoon but the southerly winds likely to bring temperatures up in the 70s and low 70s. out the door we have some partly cloudy skies over the bay. temperatures all over the map. 54 san francisco. 38 santa rosa. 46 san jose. 50 concord. this afternoon, warm temperatures especially in the south bay 71 in san jose. 70 in mountain view. 70 degrees in oakland. and about 68 degrees in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. things are getting interesting at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes are quickly filling in every minute we see
5:34 am
a few more cars hitting the bay bridge toll plaza. the middle lanes though still look okay if you are a fastrak user and, hey, better news now for fremont commuters, union city commuters all along 880. they did pick up that overnight roadwork and now the delays are gone. that changed in the last couple of minutes. all our yellow sensors disappeared now it's 62 miles per hour as you approach alvarado niles. so if you look at the middle drive time it's only about 10 minutes now between highway 84 and 238. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. san jose city council will get an update today on the shortages at their police department. kpix 5's kiet do in san jose now taking it a look at the report that's going to the council later today. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. what's troubling about this report is that it is not the worst-case scenario. you could make the argument that the views and projections in this report are optimistic. the "mercury news" has obtained an advance copy of the report that the city council will see and it says that the current
5:35 am
numbers of san jose police officers stands at 1,010 sworn officers. by next july that number is projected to drop to 988. and then by july 2017 it will drop to 949. that would be the lowest number of officers the city has had in 30 years. the report is based on the assumption that the department will continue to lose about 3 to 4 officers a month to retirement or other departments. the report says they cannot fill their academies with enough new blood fast enough to cover the losses and when at the do, the police chief says they are drawing from a lower qualified candidate pool. all this is blamed on the legal battles over pension reform and disability reform and low pay. the city council has approved an 11% pay restoration and mayor-elect sam liccardo promised to do more. >> we are going to get to work on ensuring that we can accelerate the hiring in this department, get more officers on the street and continue to use more innovative approaches
5:36 am
to make san jose safer. >> reporter: and the report goes on to say that they are still having problems recruiting even though the city set aside a $10 million reserve fund to hire more cops. >> so i guess that means the remaining officers are working quite a bit of overtime, right? >> reporter: yes. so they typically work a four- day week 10 hours a day work schedule. a lot of these officers are working five, six, sometimes seven days a week. they are exhausted. detectives are being pulled from the investigative division to go back out on the streets. they spent $25 million a year last year in the fiscal year on overtime alone. live at san jose police headquarters, kiet do, kpix 5. developing news in israel where police say two palestinians launched a terror attack today on a jerusalem synagogue. israeli police have just identified the people killed in the attack as three american citizens and one person from britain. all were rabbis. more now from cbs news' alfonso
5:37 am
van marsh. reporter: witnesses say two attackers used axes, knives and guns to kill at least four jews who were praying at a jerusalem synagogue. >> we heard gunshots from downstairs and, you know, heard one shot, two shots, then a flurry of shots. >> reporter: israeli authorities say the attackers were palestinians from east jerusalem and died in a shootout with police. the palestinian militant group hamas praised the killings but did not claim responsibility. u.s. secretary of state john kerry condemned the attacks one of the deadliest in jerusalem in years. >> people who had come to worship god in the sanctuary of the synagogue were hatcheted and hacked and murdered in that holy place in an act of pure terror. >> reporter: palestinian president mahmoud abbas is also denouncing the violence amid palestinian and israeli tensions in the area over a
5:38 am
contested holy site. israel's prime minister is vowing to respond harshly to what he calls, quote, a cruel murder of jews who came to pray and were killed by despicable murderers. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. a crucifix recovered from a church fire in san jose is now a symbol of enduring faith for some of its parishioners. the crucifix made it through the fire at holy cross parish church on sunday with barely a scratch or a burn mark. firefighters braved the unstable sanctuary to save the crucifix in case the building might collapse. they used a ladder truck to carefully lift it down to the ground. some called it a sign of hope. >> there's not a scratch on it. it's like the day they made it. the whole wall surrounding the cross is charred and burned and the cross is untouched. >> the crucifix was made in italy decades ago.
5:39 am
it was saved along with a few other religious statues inside. and now structural engineers will decide if the walls are stable enough to rebuild that church. supporters of the keystone xl pipeline are trying to line up one more senator to vote yes on the project today. all 45 republicans support it as do 14 democrats. the bill's chief sponsor is democratic louisiana senator mary landrieu, who is a runoff election next month. the house has already passed its version of the bill. the white house has threatened to veto similar legislation. as we said, the senate is expected to vote on the keystone xl pipeline but conditions are different six years after the project started. the prices of crude oil have gone down 30% since june and lower prices likely to remain in the first half of next year. good news for us, of course. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to tell us what's behind the drop and how it could impact our economy and jill, we are not complaining but why is it so low?
5:40 am
>> reporter: no complaints, right? but the u.s. shale boom has boosted oil production to 8.9 million barrels a day the highest monthly production since 1986. the government is forecasting that production is going to increase again up to 9.4 million barrels next year. that would be the most since 1972. so on top of that increased supply, demand in china, japan and europe has waned. put that together and you have a big drop, 30% as you said since the summer. >> so we all want to know, how does lower oil translate into prices at the pump? >> reporter: well, the price of crude oil accounts for about two-thirds of the price of a gallon of gas. according to aaa, the national average for regular unleaded gas is $2.88. i know it's national, not in the bay area. but it is down 80 cents from the april peak. it's the lowest price in four years nationally. that decline translates into an estimated savings of more than
5:41 am
$250 million a day for motorists. >> well, the good news is the lower energy prices got to impact the economy. >> reporter: absolutely. americans are expected to save $61 billion due to the these falling costs. it's not lot compared to a 17.5 trillion dollar economy but it could immediately give consumers more money to spend on other things like, i don't know, holiday shopping maybe? in fact, economists say these lower energy prices could increase 4th quarter growth by a quarter to a half of a percent. to learn more about the benefits of low energy prices, you can go to >> all right. jill schlesinger, thank you. it is 5:41. and along those same lines, cargo trains rumbling through the bay area neighborhoods. but is it an accident waiting to happen? the latest push from a local attorney to slow things down. that story coming up. >> plus, details on how uber is letting you customize the sound
5:42 am
track to your next ride. >> and saving a million gallons of water. the big change seaworld is making during the drought, a concept that's been there for a long time. at shell, we believe the world needs a r mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning." yup, they are setting up the ice rink ready to go, justin herman plaza. i heard some celebrities from channel 5 are going to be there this friday. how about that if you want to check that out. of course, we'll check the forecast and talk about the rain coming up too. >> that's us, lawrence. so celebrities? >> use that loosely. [ laughter ] the european space agency says it's confident the philae lander will be active again closer to the sun. it landed on a comet last week and sent back a lot of information useful to
5:45 am
scientists. but it's been inactive since saturday because of solar- powered batteries unable to recharge. meanwhile, these newly released images show philae's landing on the comet. the lander bounced off when thrusters and harpoons failed to anchor it and it landed in a shallow crater. there is a new push to stop trains from carrying potentially hazardous cargo throughout the bay area. kpix 5's christin ayers broke the crude by rail story this year and now has new information. reporter: it's happening at least a few times a week. 100-car trains rolling through richmond carrying dangerous cargo, highly flammable fracked crude oil that our cameras caught being transferred on trucks at richmond's kinder- morgan facility. the oil is called bakken crude and last year it leveled a town in quebec when a train carrying it derailed. in a letter to the bay area air quality management district, richmond city attorney says if a derailment happened in this
5:46 am
city, the potential blast zone would impact 27 schools and hopes of the neighborhoods in richmond. the letter also says the city of richmond had no idea the trains were even running until an investigative report by kpix 5 televised the report showing the operation in action. and it urges the district to stop the trains cold. >> the letter asks that they revoke the permit if possible and have -- go through a complete environmental quality act review. >> reporter: but when we spoke to the bay area air quality management district months ago, they seemed to have no intention of doing that. >> we can't hold up their permit because there's public opposition. as long as something doesn't increase emissions, we give them the permit. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and because of our story environmental groups filed a lawsuit in september to get the crude permit revoked. the lawsuit was thrown out because it was filed too late. time now is 5:46. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> it's been a really easy commute so far.
5:47 am
there's almost nothing in the chp reports as far as major accidents incidents and all the overnight roadwork is officially clear. so we'll show you what's going on. you are seeing areas of congestion. bay bridge toll plaza, they have switched on the metering lights at 5:41, just about 6 minutes ago they activated those lights already stacked up to the overcrossings a good 15 minutes to get on the bridge. we are seeing a little slowing on the incline as you can see from our sensors. but all the approaches still look okay maybe some slight slowing approaching powell coming into emeryville on the eastshore freeway by 580, 24, 880, everything else still looks great. live look at westbound 580 probably the other slowest drive time up to 22 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. we have that one earlier accident at vasco long since cleared now just the usual slow traffic out of the altamont pass. sluggish even past vasco now really kind of all the way out to the dublin interchange, that's why that drive time ticked up to over 20 minutes. it's one of our only drive times in that slow category in
5:48 am
that yellow category. the rest of everything pretty much still looks clear. and like i said, our accident count has been down from a typical day. chp is not too busy either out the door. so here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. hayward commuters, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. no backups behind the san mateo bridge toll plaza. eastbound 92 also looks good up and over the high-rise. lanes change crews have been very busy you may see that four southbound lanes are open now in the commute direction. 14 minutes or so between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. mass transit hasn't been giving any issues at all this morning either. bart systemwide no delay. ace train 1 also good. we know mass transit may be packed. it could be a rainy commute tomorrow so we are bracing ourselves in traffic. lawrence is bracing himself in weather. let's get an update on the forecast. the best seven-day forecast we have seen in some time. the chance of showers on the way, better part of today okay. clouds gathering outside right now. you see that swirl off the
5:49 am
coastline. that's that low pressure center that's producing that first storm system that will likely bring rain as early as tonight to the bay area. but for the better part of the day, those clouds will be on the increase especially late in the afternoon. some southerly winds ahead of the storm system going to make for some mild weather again and then looks like the wet weather pattern going to continue right into the weekend. so that's some good news as we'll see a good soaking overnight from this storm system into early tomorrow morning. the commute could be very wet early tomorrow, as well. around the state today if you are traveling not a bad day at all. 60s and 70s into the central valley. about 65 degrees in yosemite. 56 in lake tahoe. computer models showing you the clouds thickening up late in the day but holding off on the rain 8:00 so the commute home looks okay and then overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning you see the rain in the bay area. so tomorrow morning could be a little wet with some downpours early on. scattered showers continuing on and off throughout the day but settling down a bit and then more rain is expected toward the middle of the day on thursday. so we have some rain coming in
5:50 am
our direction. how much to expect? a half inch or inch of rain from the first system across the top of the mountains. lesser down below but still a nice soaking from that first storm. looks like temperatures today under some dry conditions in the 60s and the 70s. your sunrise time 6:53. sunset 4:56. and looking out over the next few days, doesn't that look sweet? >> whoa! >> i'm really enjoying that. >> when was the last time you did that? >> quite a while. i don't think all of last winter but rain on and off looks like for the better part of the next five days and then drying out sunday and monday. >> rain graphic still works. >> apparently. >> hard to believe. >> boy, i thought they were broken for a while. >> let's see if he's right now. [ laughter ] >> probably is. [ laughter ] all right. seaworld san diego is tapping into a new idea to conserve water during the drought. a construction zone inside the park will soon be california's first-ever saltwater restroom. water pump from nearby mission bay will be filtered, chlorinated to run the toilets and the sinks at the park. >> it's a really big deal to us
5:51 am
here. it's 1.3 million gallons of water saved. that's especially important during the severe drought here in california. >> seaworld has been using that very same filtration system for years to fill shamu's big tank. time now 5:51. demolition of the old bay bridge will take more time than expected. what officials say is holding things up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
i gooh fitting the tree through the door, that's feast-worthy. so celebrate with the kfc festive feast. a bucket of the world's best chicken, our famous sides, biscuits and our new pumpkin cake. the kfc festive feast.
5:54 am
of birds is now forcing a s- month delay in the demolitif the we are looking at clouds working their way into our skies. a storm is brewing. just when it will get here? we'll talk about that coming up next. >> and we are just beginning to see the usual backups on northbound 101 coming into san jose. they begin around tully and approaching the julian/mckee exit. we'll have a full look at the drive to work coming up. the persistent nesting behavior of those guys right there, these birds, are forcing six-month delay in the demolition. old bay bridge. caltrans tried a number of things to get hundreds of cormorants to move from the cantilever section of the bridge but they say no. not moving! so now, it will spend the next six months trying to figure out another plan to get those birds
5:55 am
on the run. uber is collaborating with spotify. the popular music streaming service to enable riders now to bring their tunes along for the ride. the new service rolls out on friday in 10 markets including san francisco. customers will be able to connect to their spotify premium accounts through the uber app and when that ride arrives, their music will be playing inside the car. mass murderer charles manson could soon be married. he got a license earlier this month to marry 26-year-old after ton burton who visits him in prison. burton left her midwest home to be near manson who is in prison for life. he is 80. no wedding date is set. but they have three months to get married or reapply for another license. the wedding would take place inside the prison where they are performed on the first saturday of each month as a life prisoner he is not
5:56 am
entitled to personal visits. he has been in jail since 1969. 5:55. we're all looking for new ways to save time. so an east bay church is providing a little divine inspiration if you are on the go. we'll show you how to works coming up. >> reporter: we'll show you a new kind of taxi driver protest. why some cabbies actually refused rides. ,, ,, ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
5:57 am
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find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. i think his record speaks for itself. >> the man accused of killing a 14-year-old in a hit-and-run in san leandro has a long and violent criminal history. 34-year-old sonny anderson was previously arrested for mutilating animals and attacking a woman after breaking into her home. >> gripped by fear from the announcement. >> missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard ahead of a decision on whether to charge a police officer in the shooting death of an
6:00 am
unarmed teenager. governor jay nixon says he is taking action in case the ruling leads to civil unrest. >> charlie always tells the truth no matter what. >> notorious cult leader charles manson is getting married. the 26-year-old bride is from kings county where manson is locked up. she has been visiting him behind bars twice a week. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. captions by: caption colorado good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:00 on your tuesday. developing news in israel. four rabbis are dead including three u.s. citizens, after a violent attack on a synagogue in jerusalem. the fourth victim was from great britain. police say two palestinians used axes, knives and guns in today's rampage. officers eventually shot and killed the suspects. the israeli


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